Thursday, September 29, 2016

Quitting is Not an Option!

“Quitting is not an option” by Monique Lynelle

Today 09/29/16 as I surfed the Net and I found this awesome video by Nick Vujicic. You cannot judge a book by its cover and sometimes you have to give something a chance before you determine what the contents of a thing. This man inspired me to continue on in the path in which I am going. This blog is not by accident and there are many people that give up on themselves, but like he says in this video we all have a purpose. Finding your purpose is important and helping others find theirs is one of mine. I hope this video encourages you, but first I want to share something with you. I was depressed after the death of my father in 2008, and then my new born baby passed away shortly after she was born a few months later 2009, and then my mother passed away in 2011. My daughter was born at 5 ½ months and lived for 3 hours and 16 minutes. I was devastated and thought I wouldn’t be able to make it, but because I have faith in God and I didn’t give up, now I have a master’s degree, a certified cosmetology instructor, a certified TV producer, an author of 3 books, an artist/songwriter, and I just finished writing my first movie, and started a television show, and I am going to have a documentary coming out soon. I am an overcomer and a survivor because I have not quit. God has not quit on me and I know that things will get better, not just for me but they can get better for you also. I made a choice to continue with my life and not let the hurt and pain of a loved one determine my future. I made a choice to follow Christ Jesus and although I am not perfect God is that sent His son to show me the way and to sacrifice his life to atone for my sins. It is not over for me yet and it’s not over for you either. That is why when the doctor’s told me that my child might not come out alive, I still named her Miracle Lynea, because she came out alive and she held on for 3 hours and 16 minutes to remind me of the sacrifice the Father made in letting his loved son Christ Jesus come to this earth and atone for my sins. (Read John 3:16) October is Pregnancy and Infant Awareness month and attached will be a link about how you can help people remember their loved ones. I will always remember my daughter Miracle Lynea. I will be attending a memorial for families that have lost their infants to still birth, miscarriage, neonatal death or SIDS on October 2, 2016 in Washington DC. The 9th Annual Service of Remembrance called Healing Hearts. Find your purpose and don’t quit just because life gets a little difficult, because God loved you enough to give you a life. Live with a purpose. Also my books have the whole story, My Journey at 30 and the most recent one is Blessed in the Midst of the Storm. Just visit my website and be inspired by the video by Nick Vujicic.


                                          Monique Lynelle and her daughter Miracle Lynea
                                                  Miracle Lynea born April 14, 2009
Miracle Lynea - Gone but not Forgotten - April 14, 2009

Friday, September 2, 2016

Monique Lynelle - The Recording Artist & Author

Here we are September 2016. I have graduated from my master’s degree program almost two whole years ago now. That was the last time I blogged. For the 12 month degree program I had to blog every month and I found it quite entertaining at I was able to accomplish a few more things since then, for example, I just completed a production class with DCTV May 2016 and I was also in a woman’s discipleship class which will have a graduating class in July 2016. I taught cosmetology and was an assistant salon leader, but I couldn’t stay away from music much longer. Now I have some new music and I am planning to complete more this year if I have the beats I need for the songs I wrote. I’m back to help others messages out there, not just mine. I want to inspire people to be their best selves, but I really want people to be original, organic, authentic and creative. My life wouldn’t be the same without being able to create something. I wrote a book entitled Blessed in the Midst of the Storm in 2015; I even did some acting in an Indie film last year. I started writing my own script and I released an EP entitled Get Lifted Up. God has been doing things in my life, which is helping me purge myself of nonsense and get to the nitty-gritty of things. I don’t need to be remembered for everything someone else wanted me to be, but I do need to be remembered for the things I accomplished, the impactful words I said and the faith that I depend on for truth and strength. Life does not guarantee anything, but with hard work and perseverance does pay off. I’m here to show people that when people don’t make a way for you God does and what God has for you is for you. I hope you will stay tuned for future guest. Send me a message if you want to do an interview or get your video played on the blog. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you all. Attached are my videos Get Out The WayDay to Day, Jesus and info on my latest book Blessed in the Midst of the Storm.

Monique Lynelle

Strive to Reach Your Dreams!

In a time where people can attain their dreams, and goals with hard work and perseverance, it is important to plan for your future and appreciate the now. The key to a successful life is to set goals and attain those goals. Living with a purpose is something that anyone can do. Don’t wait for someone else to tell you it is ok to live, be successful or to grow. Once you set a goal, find out the steps it takes to achieve that goal and map out a way to accomplish the steps that lead to the goal. Sometimes in life, creative, gifted, and talented people struggle to be successful because of the lack of support and the lack of self-motivation and determination. If a person is determined to be successful and completes their goals, people will see that determination and start emulating you, but that is not the purpose of reaching your potential. Life has ups and downs, but what separates the great people in this world and the mediocre people is when one decides not to give up and continues on a path to success. I challenge people to Live With A Purpose! Dream big and try to achieve your goals, set 1, 2, 3 and then dream bigger and achieve 4, 5, 6 and don’t give up! This is your life, your life is a gift, so what are you going to do with it? Live in your purpose and the days will get easier.

Monique Lynelle