Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Think Yourself into Your Destiny

There are so many things a person can think about, but when I watched this video I was inspired to see myself where I am going. To reach my potential and my best self I have to see myself being able to overcome the obstacles on the journey to my greatness. There has been no other time in my life like now, so many decisions, so many opportunities, so many obstacles, but I have goals and to achieve those goals, it takes guts, heart, belief not just in myself, but who I am meant to be on this earth. I am a piece of a puzzle and for the puzzle to be completed I have to play my part, be my piece. I have to connect to the piece of the puzzle that belongs next to me for the puzzle to be completed. I can overcome obstacles and so can you, but how willing are you to put in the work to reach your potential. It all starts with a thought, think about it...

Written by Monique Lynelle Gray