Monday, January 11, 2021

Motivational Monday - New Year "Eye of the Tiger"

Happy New Year Everyone! I know I took a little time away, R&R (Rest and Relaxation) is needed in everyone's life at some point. I hope you all have been able to have some great times with your family and friends safely. I am single and alone a lot, but I get the best naps when no one else is around. I wanted to share with you all the best theme/motivational song of all times in my opinion, you guessed it, "Eye of the Tiger." I absolutely love this song for a number of reasons, but I attached the video today for you all to view. If you are feeling down, blue, or unenthused, this song will get you pumped up and ready to get things done. This is a new year, but you still have to do self checks and then aim high with the goals you set. If you have not set new goals for this year, I challenge you to do so, as I have and will also. We have to keep going, but you don't want to wonder aimlessly in the wilderness with no direction, instead you want to have a purpose for your endeavors and set short and long term attainable goals for yourself. One day at a time and with the "Eye of the Tiger." Tigers are fierce, territorial, and regal to view, but they are also family oriented and very beautiful. If I were to be a land animal in the wild it would probably be a Tigress, because of their traits and uniqueness. Have an awesome week. Monique Lyn elle Gray
Click this link to see this article about Vavarra the Tigress in the picture.

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